Event Sign Up

As we already mentioned on the Homepage, there is a big event scheduled for March (the exact date is not yet known, but you will be notified through our RSS feed) and we are currently trying to fill out the Miami Ironside with as many people as we can. At the moment, we are lacking approximately 100 more visitors. If you have any interest in the topic of creative innovations and technology, it would be our pleasure to welcome you to our event. Due to the regulations on maximum people allowed in the venue, we must ask you to contact us through the form provided HERE.

You can expect a pleasant evening nicely poised with valuable information about technology and innovations across the tech industry. With such a rapid growth of tech industry over the course of the last couple of years, we are strong believers that it’s going to continue growing faster than ever before. That is why we are certain it is of utter importance that we familiarize more and more people with the modern day technologies with the hope that they will at least consider pursuing careers in the industry.

Once again, it would be a great pleasure for us if you would greet us with your attendance, so please do consider joining us for our first ever grand event!