Hello dear visitors and welcome to the official website of Design Art Tech (also known as DAT). We are an amazingly young organization which focuses on bringing young people closer to modern day technological wonders. Our main belief is that the fast-paced world we are all living it would not be nearly as advanced as it is without brilliant minds innovating devices to make our everyday lives much easier. For an example, if you wanted to record yourself while doing some kind of sport activity..few years ago you needed camera and camera guy, today all you need is auto following drone.  Just take the folks over at Amazon as a great example. They created heavy lifting drones and are pretty soon going to use them for shipping purposes. We are witnessing automatization across all industry sectors, and it is, quite frankly, making millions of people worldwide lose their jobs. We are well aware of the fact that robots can replace us for 99% of the tasks we need… But they cannot replace our creativity. That’s the only important virtue in which we are still ahead of them. While we don’t believe that’s going to remain unchanged forever, it’s still certain that we are safe at least up until we manage to create a seamless AI platform.

We should be honest and say, since drones are not very affordable not everyone can afford one. People usually start with some small, cheaper model. Good reference would be page like this one, where authors explain what are top drones below $200.

Even though we, as a planet, are striving towards technology faster than ever before… The USA as a country is just not doing enough to be on par with some of the most developed European countries. Our educational systems are not good enough to make our children interested in technology. Our educational systems don’t do well enough with encouraging our children to think outside the box. Teachers are not well-trained to support their young minds with creative thinking, and we all know how important that is for the future of their careers. Unless we change our educational system or at least do our best to promote creative thinking and try to bring technology closer to young minds, we will be left with a generation of systematically limited minds that will serve no purpose in a world filled with robots. If their creative thinking isn’t at the highest levels, their jobs will be taken away by robots. Their only superior trait, creative thinking, needs to be sharpened from a young age in order to promote innovation. If that doesn’t happen soon enough, USA will be in big problems…

And that’s where we step in! Design Art Tech aims to combine these three cultural aspects into helping our youth with creativity and critical thinking. It is of utter importance that, through our events, we bring brilliant young minds closer to the concepts of high-tech industry. Only then it is possible for us to expect great things from them. Even though we are well aware of the fact that our goal seems highly unlikely to yield any tangible progress, we still do believe that something needs to be done. That’s why we have already scheduled our first ever grand event that is going to be held sometime in March in Miami, FL. It will start with an opening ceremony followed up by a series of presentation on various tech related topics. These topics will include but are not limited to the following: the basics of creative thinking, why is innovation important, what can innovation help us achieve, innovations in the smartphone industry, innovations in the computer industry and much more…

Also, on a side note, we are currently in the process of searching for staff that will lead this huge project. At the moment, we are looking for performers and presenters. If you are looking for such a job and you think you would be a great addition to our highly professional team, please feel free to visit this page and learn more. There, in addition to career options, you will also find a link with which you can sign up and confirm your attendance to our main event. As we already mentioned a couple of times, the exact time and date of our event is still to be determined so please, bear with us. As soon as we set it up, we will notify you via our RSS feed and through the email you use via the contact form.

All the best,

Ramon Ellis